How To Plan Your Digital Marketing Strategy For 2021

Draw A Digital Marketing Map

  1. Target personas: in order to successfully achieve your goals, you will need to target personas. In fact, switching from out-bound to in-bound digital strategies is the right way to go. In the past, businesses aimed for mass marketing but nowadays, personalization is key! And luckily, data-driven marketing helps you understand who your personas are. By digging into social listening tools, for instance, and looking for affinity categories, past behaviors as well as in-market segments, creating personas is possible. Don’t forget to segregate your users based on where they are in the sales and marketing funnel!

Expand Your Horizon

  • Video marketing: whether you are targeting single audiences (B2C) or even businesses (B2B), video marketing is the right way to go. Using this format will make it easier for you to highlight the benefits and features of your products. Moreover, with video marketing comes video advertising. In fact, more than 50% of consumers say that they purchased a product because of a video ad they saw online.
  • Content-oriented: when setting personas for your strategies, you can’t not oversee the content of your pages and ads. Being content-oriented is crucial for your digital strategy in 2021. You need to create content your audience will relate to. Content that speaks to your target directly is the key to increasing your posts’ engagement rates.

To Sum It Up

The key takeaway points you need to remember are the following:

  • Evaluate and understand your previous digital strategies
  • Create personas for the different stages of the marketing funnel
  • Stay on the lookout for the latest trends, and start implementing them in your digital 2021 plan



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