6 Blogging Tips You Need To Know

#1 Follow A Content Marketing Plan

  • Know your audience
  • Come up with interesting topic ideas
  • Create a content calendar
  • Build a well-researched content

#2 Publish Different Types of Long-form Contents

  • How to guides
  • Resource lists
  • Case studies
  • Newsletters

#3 Link to Internal Links as Well as Third-party Contents

  • Internal links will increase the time your audience spends on your site
  • The more links you create, the more your site will rank
  • Helps you create new segments for better audience targeting

#4 Create Infographics

  • They’re great for SEO
  • They increase visibility
  • They’re easy to track and analyze

#5 Optimize your snippets

  • Find out what questions your audience are asking
  • Make answers for these questions in your content
  • Answer to different questions and use relevant images
  • Add a section answering related questions

#6 Always Respond to Comments

  • They add quality to your blog
  • They add social proof
  • Even if it’s in a minimal way, but even answered comments help in SEO
  • They help build credibility and authority

Let’s sum up

Now that you know some of the latest and greatest blogging trends, how will you implement them?



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